How Gutter maintenance Saves Money in the long run

Though it’s a seasonal task we all dread, cleaning your gutters is essential to keeping your home and property safe and clean. Cleaning your gutters at least twice a year is vital for preventing water and fire damage to your property.

Prevent water damage and flooding

Overflowing water from damaged and clogged gutters can devastate both in the interior and exterior of your home. Clogged gutters can produce flooding on your property, and the excess water from clogged drains can also cause soil erosion, which can ruin your backyard and lead to very expensive repairs. Heavily clogged gutters can also produce stress points that will cause your gutters to collapse. Collapsed gutters are a laborious and expensive thing to fix, and is entirely preventable if you are consistent with your cleaning. Besides your property’s safety, cleaning your gutters will improve the overall look of your property and will ensure you meet your HOA aesthetic standards. Having your gutters cleaned at least once, preferably twice will help you save money in the long run.

Prevent fires from spreading

If you live in an a dry climate or it’s warm, excess dry debris can easily catch fire. Cleaning your gutters of dry debris ensures that your house is safer from the risk of fire. Your gutters may also have insect nests or hives in them. Checking and clearing your gutters of these nests will help prevent insects from invading other areas of your home. If you notice an excess of insect nests or hives, this could signal a larger infestation issue on your property. Checking your gutters will help defend your home from roaches, earwigs, ants, mosquitoes, and other insects. If you notice birds building nest in your gutters, clear the nest away before the birds try to settle. This practice of gutter maintenances saves money in the long run, and maybe even personal belongings and injury as well!

Be safe

Because good gutter maintenance saves money in the long run, we recommend hiring a licensed, insured professional to clean the gutters. Cleaning your gutters is simple but will require a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Make sure that if you’re on a ladder that you have another person nearby watching you. Wear shoes with strong traction and use thick garden or kitchen-cleaning gloves. Try to clean your gutters when it is a clear day and not raining. Make sure that if you get onto your roof that the roof is dry so that you won’t slip and fall. While cleaning your gutters will save you a lot in the long run, your safety is first. If you are injured, disabled, or elderly, ask a friend or neighbor to help you clean your gutters. Make sure you offer them compensation or at least a hot beverage after.

Keep a schedule

Keeping your gutters clean one of the most important things for you to do as a homeowner. Make sure you don’t procrastinate! Cleaning your gutters regularly is a less gruesome task than cleaning your gutters when they are full and causing potential danger to your home. Cleaning your gutters two or more times a year will give you better peace of mind for your home and property. So, while gutters do much to keep your home and property dry, it is your task to help them do their job. Cleaning your gutters will keep your home safer by preventing fires, flooding, erosion and insect/bird infestation all while keeping your home’s interior and exterior pristine.