Why Neighborhood Watch and Homeowners Association Should Work Together

Depending on your community, you may not already have a successful functional Neighborhood Watch program. Sadly, it often it takes an event or a series of events for a Neighborhood Watch to form.

It is essential to maintain safety and security for you and those around you. It’s also important to know how Neighborhood Watches and homeowners associations interact to support cohesive governance and protections.

Who Makes the Rules?

Neighborhood Watch and HOAs are often separate entities. The HOA has the right to change an aspect of the program. No matter the amount of involvement and dedication in Neighborhood Watch, homeowners associations still make the rules. The abilities of the Neighborhood Watch can usually be incorporated into the CC&R of the HOA to ensure transparency and clarity of the Neighborhood Watch’s practices. It also helps to resolve disputes before they happen and to make sure one organization does not overreach on another’s authority. The entire purpose of a homeowners association as a governing body is to help protect the value of the community. Both organizations certainly share a vested interest in ensuring the safety of the neighborhood.

The Benefits of Cooperation

You may believe that there should be a clear separation between a Neighborhood Watch and a homeowners association as organizations. There are undeniable benefits associated with utilizing the homeowners association’s governing influence and structure to help bolster the effectiveness of the Neighborhood Watch – especially if the Watch is just starting out. For example, using meetings and mailing lists to easily connect with community members on the goals and operations of the Neighborhood Watch is a valuable tool. Most homeowners would appreciate a weekly newsletter detailing the safety measures and procedures in their community.

Homeowners associations depend on the involvement of dedicated community members, using those members could be useful in creating a successful Neighborhood Watch program.

Silvercreeks Reason Why This Should Happen

The best reason to work with an HOA is the financial infrastructure, and a lot more besides. Every homeowner’s association has an elected controller or accountant in charge of managing funds and also resources. This includes methods for collecting dues and holding fundraisers. Ensuring a leg up for any Neighborhood Watch in need of a bump in funds and participation – even just having a central checking account can make it that much easier to purchase supplies.

If you’re thinking about starting a Neighborhood Watch in your homeowner’s association, then it’s important to consider the benefits of founding an organization within the HOA, as it can help to ensure smooth direction, fewer problems, and a safer neighborhood.