You love your neighborhood because the community pulls together and cares about each other. That’s why you decided to run for a position on the board.

In the United States, a huge number of people live in communities like yours with a board committee working to make the neighborhood better. A recent survey found about 300,000 community associations registered across the nation.

But, what position should you run for? Should you aim to become the President of a homeowners association? Keep reading to learn about the duties and responsibilities of an HOA president.

How Does a Homeowners Association Function?

A Homeowners Association (HOA) has a board of directors elected to enforce community rules and regulations. These rules are often found in a document called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). These regulations often include restrictions such as the type of fences, landscaping styles, or even the color of paint on a house.

A CC&R document also outlines the penalties for violating the regulations including fees, forced compliance, or even litigation! It’s important for the regulations to have penalties or there’s no way for the board association to enforce them.

Some communities seek third-party professional management to help with community management tasks. That way, they can rely on a team with years of experience.

Qualities Of a Good Homeowner Association President

Not everyone has the skills needed to hold office as an HOA president. Here are some of the qualities a homeowner association president should exemplify.

Hunger for Learning

A good president knows what they don’t know and when to ask for help. You’ll also need to learn and keep up with state and local laws that affect your community.

Mediation Skills

It’s important to know how to mediate disputes. The last thing you want is to live through a homeowners association horror story! If a community member has a falling out with a neighbor or the board, you’ll need to handle the dispute while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Time Management Skills

As an HOA president, tasks stack up fast sometimes! It’s important to know how to manage your time well and how to adjust your priorities when an urgent issue falls into your lap.

Skilled In Communication

When you hold the title of association president, you’re the representative face of the whole community! You’ll need to communicate often with residents, management companies, and other kinds of service providers. You’ll also need to feel comfortable speaking on behalf of the association to the press, local government, or other associations.

Love For the Neighborhood

One of the most important qualities a board president can have is a love and passion for their neighborhood! If you don’t think of the position as a labor of love, then it will show in the community morale and appearance. 

Duties To Expect For a President Of a Homeowners Association

So, you have all the right stuff to handle the job. But, what duties can you expect to have as an association president? Here are some of the most common presidential responsibilities.

Sign Important Association Documents

The community will enter into contracts with companies sometimes or will need to sign off on a project. As the representative of the community, you’ll need to sign your name to these documents on behalf of the neighborhood.

Serve As the Main Point Of Contact for Contracted Companies

If your community uses a management company, you’ll need to communicate with them often. Many presidents even give contracted companies their cell phone number in case of emergencies.

Schedule, Attend, and Run Board Meetings

Regular board meetings are important because that’s when the HOA officers get together to discuss potential issues and upgrades to the community. As the president, it’s your job to schedule these meetings and attend in person so you can run the meeting and make sure the board addresses all current issues.

Creating Meeting Agendas

Another part of the meeting planning that falls on the president is the meeting agenda. You’ll need to keep a list of all issues that need board input so you can bring it up at the next meeting. If you’re not good at planning the meeting agenda, then important issues for the community could fall through the cracks!

Call For Community-Wide Votes and Announce Results

Sometimes you’ll need to organize a community vote for important issues facing the community that you don’t feel comfortable making without input from the residents. The president can call for a community vote and then announce the tallied results to everyone.

Appoint Special Committees

If there is a community movement or function, you may want to appoint a special committee to help with those special projects. The association president can appoint people to these special committees, even if the person is not an active board member.

Community Is About Doing Something Together That Makes a Difference

The most important duty you’ll have as the president of the community association is to care for everyone in the neighborhood like a big family! It’s a passion like that that makes the best kind of president a community could have.

Keep in mind that the president still has a whole team of board members to back them up. Make sure to ask for help when you need it.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about the duties of the president of a homeowners association. If you have any questions about this article or if you need community management services in California, contact us today and request a proposal to get started!

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