An HOA online support system is a great way to help a homeowners association run smoothly. The problem is that most HOA board members and community residents don’t understand why they need it or how to use it to their benefit. 

Online support can help HOAs cut costs and save money for other projects. It also allows board members to understand their community and find ways to be more involved. Plus, online HOA support gives associations (particularly HOA managers) the information they need to make the right decisions.

Despite all of these great benefits, many people still think they don’t need this type of assistance to run the day-to-day business of their community. So, is HOA online support a good idea?

HOA Management Online Support: The Ins & Outs

HOA support through online sources can be beneficial to most communities. However, it has some concerns, like the expense of web design development and the cost of monitoring chat forums or message boards. 

Besides, it takes time in addition to money. The volunteer trustees must take time out from their daily tasks and home commitments. There are also information privacy and security concerns. 

Since running a website and online support can take a lot of resources and effort, many associations decide to hire HOA management agencies. As an integral part of their deals, they provide communication services, including email and voice support. 

Some companies also offer online chat support to HOAs to answer any of the community’s concerns and questions.

Is Online Support Necessary?

One may say it’s unnecessary, but online support is helpful and can help an association run more efficiently. Many community residents have questions and problems regarding the homeowners association or their properties. 

During the monthly and annual meetings, only some homeowners get to express their points of view or present a problem. The HOA online support lets everyone have a voice. Homeowners associations that can’t afford this service should try pursuing online support with no assistance from management companies. 

What Are the Advantages of HOA Online Support?

Adopting customer service utilizing HOA online support has a lot of significant advantages. Below are a few of the many benefits online support can provide: 

Welcoming Digital Presence 

Digital presence is significant nowadays. It allows individual homeowners and property managers to stay connected digitally. Online support can enable homeowners to know board members and managers better. 

This option encourages many residents to address their problems without the concern of confidentiality. Many avoid sharing their opinions during live meetings due to fear of confrontation. It’s much easier to raise the voice when hiding behind a screen.

Higher Satisfaction Rates

Homeowners pay regular dues and maintenance fees, so they expect good service. Imagine their satisfaction when placing maintenance requests quickly and receiving an instant reply (via email or chat support) from the comfort of their home. 

This leads to an increase in community satisfaction rates and greater comfort. Furthermore, it can eliminate or reduce the cost of copier paper and different materials when making an announcement to community members.

Fast Documentation and Data Exchange

Fast communication through the HOA website is one of the most apparent benefits of online support systems. It enables community residents to reach their board instantly and receive updates regularly. In addition to improving convenience, this also makes it easier for members to exchange data. 

For example, they can immediately download documents like the policies, rules, and regulations. When it comes to financial information, it lets people check if they’ve paid the monthly fees and assessments by accessing their accounts online.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Just like everything else in life, online HOA support could be better. This way of communication has some disadvantages, such as it takes time and money.

  • Online support costs can add up, including HOA associations needing to pay web developers and other digital experts. It also involves undergoing quality testing. Plus, it’s necessary to keep it monitored.  
  • Those who can’t or don’t want to pay for online support must sacrifice their own time. Most HOA board members cannot devote themselves to this challenging task. Answering all the messages of community residents takes a substantial amount of time. While 24/7 customer support is nice, not every board is willing to be on call 24/7.

HOA Online Platforms and Chat Support

An online platform like a community portal or website can benefit your homeowner’s association. It allows more information to be readily available to a large number of people. An HOA website should have a private environment to share information freely. 

Most HOAs have their own website today, but only a few associations offer online chat. While this is undoubtedly a helpful and noble undertaking, before the board adds this extra option for residents, they must first research the entire concept. 

Is it required to include chat support on your HOA website? Every homeowner’s association is different, so this will depend on your HOA needs. You need to determine whether this method of communication will be a waste of HOA resources or beneficial for your community. 

If chat support doesn’t work, look for alternatives like emails, SMS support, social media groups, and voice calls. You should also consider turning to popular social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and  LinkedIn. Even so, it’s best to combine all the options available.

Final Thoughts

What kind of support does your community need? Once you understand its needs and goals, you must provide and use HOA online support to your maximum advantage. Remember that not using this modern opportunity may miss out on many benefits. 

That said, having an HOA online support system is a good idea. Moreover, you should incorporate it in your homeowner’s association management for the best results. Contact us today for more details on integrating online support into your HOA procedures.