At Silvercreek Association Management, we firmly believe in this saying. This is why we offer ongoing preventative maintenance services to ensure your residential community stays clean, attractive, and in good repair.

Timely maintenance ensures homeowners enjoy safe and attractive homes, but it also brings other benefits. Residents maintain the maximum value of their homes, and your association saves money by handling smaller repairs before they become big ones.

We assist homeowners’ associations with full maintenance solutions. This includes using reliable outside sources and our in-house expert maintenance division to ensure all work is done right. This work helps you save the time and expense of finding reliable contacts and avoiding additional issues from low-quality work.

Assisting homeowners’ associations is what we do, and services such as this have helped make Silvercreek a single source for all association needs throughout California.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
– Benjamin Franklin.



We have a full-time maintenance division that includes technicians, specialists, and project managers. With this service we can:

  • Maintain common areas and conducted regular repairs
  • Schedule regular property inspections and walkthroughs
  • Collecting bids
  • Scheduling all work
  • Conducting follow-up inspections
  • Coordinate any warranty paperwork



Doing a job well requires substantial planning. We work with you to devise the right preventative service plan to fit your current and long-term needs. We include immediate repairs and ongoing maintenance. We can also conduct regular inspections that comply with FHA recommendations.