According to the David-Stirling Act, enacted in 1985 and revised in 2014, California HOAs function as a second or miniature civic government for the communities they serve. That means that there are certain levels of Homeowners Association exterior maintenance and upkeep that homeowners not only expect but are entitled to!

Beyond any legal obligation, we have to keep up with exterior maintenance. There are a number of benefits to maintaining a clean, neat, pretty community. From retaining current residents to attracting new ones, you’ll find much more success when you stay on top of HOA maintenance responsibilities! 

Read on to learn more about the importance of HOA exterior maintenance. 

Give Community Members Their Money’s Worth

First, let’s begin with the most obvious reason we need to stay on top of our HOA maintenance responsibilities: people are paying for it. 

When a prospective buyer is considering a number of neighborhoods to settle in, they’ll certainly debate the worth of paying HOA maintenance fees. Above all, prospective buyers will see these HOA fees as an increase in their potential cost of living. However, most buyers will consider these fees worth their while (and their wallet). As long as they are being put to good use.

Remember that as HOA board members, our primary goal is to serve our community! When we ask community members for monthly or annual fees, we need to ensure that as much of that money as possible is going right back into the spaces they love!

Create a Sense of Community Through Communal Spaces

When we talk about HOA exterior maintenance, what that covers tends to depend on individual governing documents. Are you repairing rooftops after a major storm? What about residual interior damage from resulting leaks? 

Regardless of how you handle the exterior of each individual property in your community, one thing remains the same. Common amenities such as playgrounds, tennis courts, and swimming pools fall under the HOA’s power. These amenities are one of the biggest attractions for your community members–as long as the’re well-maintained.

When these amenities are kept clean and functional, community members will use them with more frequency and enthusiasm. Not only are they appealing to your community members but it gives them the opportunity to meet their neighbors and feel more ingrained in their community!

The Importance of Community

A recent Pew Research poll found that about 57% of Americans report knowing some of their neighbors. While only 26% report knowing most of their neighbors. That means that another 17% would say that they don’t know their neighbors at all.

This same poll found that there’s a direct correlation between knowing other members of the community and feeling secure in the community. In other words, connecting with neighbors increases our feelings of trust and safety. This, in turn, helps us feel like part of our community rather than simply and individual residing in a neighborhood. 

Look at it this way: HOA exterior maintenance creates spaces where neighbors can get to know one another. When people know their neighbors, they feel more warmly about their community. And more willing to contribute to its upkeep through, say, HOA maintenance fees. This is a benefit to both the community as a whole and the continuation of the HOA!

Grow Your Community With HOA Exterior Maintenance

When we stay on top of our Homeowners Association upkeep and responsibilities, we create sustainable communities. Part of our job is to ensure the happiness of current homeowners and create appeal for future homeowners. Also, to increase the overall value of properties within our scope. 

Keep Home Ownership Rates High

As we mentioned earlier, you want to guarantee that homeowners in your community feel that their HOA maintenance fees are being put to good use. That way, you don’t have current homeowners who grow dissatisfied with our performance and instead, appreciate what we do. When people feel like their community is worth their money, they’re a lot less likely to set sail for different waters!

In a beautiful neighborhood, you don’t have to worry about longterm vacancies, in the event that some of your homeowners do decide to sell. When you’re in charge of exterior maintenance, you get to create that ever-important first impression. Prospective buyers are a lot more likely to close on a house in neighborhoods with clean pools, well-landscaped parks, and uniformly maintained housing exteriors.

Increase Property Value

While it’s up to homeowners to keep their property well-maintained, it’s up to the HOA to ensure that the neighborhood is nice and desirable. Remember, the value of a home is not determined by square footage, renovations, and natural light, alone. Individual property values are also affected by the community the homes are situated in and the amenities offered there!

Improve Your HOA Performance

HOAs have a lot on their plates. They need to collect money, keep records, perform HOA exterior maintenance duties, and even plan events. Plus, many board members are also active members of their towns or cities. So some have families to run and jobs to attend to during the week. But, Homeowners Association upkeep and maintenance is important.

At Silvercreek Association Management, we offer guidance and on-the-ground assistance to HOAs in Sacramento, Walnut Creek, and San Jose. We can help with everything from financial planning to board member training to homeowner communications. If you’re a member of a California HOA and want to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!